so damn liberating

i’m artjournaling again :] here’s a glimpse of my current book: i’m having so much fun with this one. no rules. no goals. no prompts or guides. just play play play & who gives a shit how it looks. each entry an honest expression of that moment and nothing more. if you’ve never art-journaled, and are curious: there’s something so damn liberating about journaling with images, shapes … Continue reading so damn liberating

nine awesome things about living in a trailer.

my partner and i have lived in a travel trailer for almost seven years. it all started in 2009, when the “great recession” forced us to leave our awesome apartment by the ocean. i’ve been through the psychological ups and downs of trailer life… from i’m-a-badass-gypsy-warrior-taking-life-by-the-balls phase…. to my-life-is-horrible-and-i’m-a-piece-of-shit phase. because i’m really good at being super dramatic. i don’t intend to live in a trailer forever, but … Continue reading nine awesome things about living in a trailer.