sugar, spice, and everything nice

yummy things


this is a collection of yummy things sitting on my desk right now, making me feel all kinds of happy.

clockwise from the top:

  • awesome shell, found on the beach of Carpinteria, given to me by a friend. (thanks P! <3)
  • mojo bag
  • collection of things i like – found in nature from various watery places (rivers, oceans) – on a piece of fabric i bought in Haiti several years ago. and a little note i wrote in swirly letters, just like i used to do when i was a kid.
  • persimmon
  • spicy herbal tea


i’m drinking some of this tea right now, and it’s just so damn cozy and delicious on a cold wintery day, that i had to share the recipe.

the ingredients are:

  • whole cloves
  • whole green cardamon
  • whole black peppercorns
  • cinnamon stick
  • milk and sweetener to taste

i’m not much for measuring specific amounts. i highly recommend working with bare fingers and intuition :]

also, i used maple syrup to sweeten this tea. i’m usually a honey gal, but someone yesterday mentioned that they love sweetening their coffee with maple syrup, so i decided to try it with this tea. gooooooood!

wishing you a warm and tasty weekend,






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