Paris, je t’aime

le soleil levant


Like so many around the world, I’ve felt shocked and saddened by the events that occurred in France last Friday.

I honestly haven’t known what to do with it.

(except avoid the topic all together and write about gardening. fucking random.)

I feel such a connection to that place, and Paris especially. Even though I haven’t been there in 13 years… Paris will always be “my mistress” as they say. It was my home for a time. I wanted it to be my home forever. Je rêve d’y habiter toujours, peut-être.

I understand the frustration so many are expressing – why does Paris get all the press, when so many atrocities are happening all around the world, getting no coverage whatsoever? And they’re of course absolutely right – the whole world matters, and our cultural preferences and biases have to be rooted out if we’re to create a peaceful world.

And yet, I do feel more sentimental about France. I have an emotional connection to that place. I speak French. I lived there. I walked her streets, sipped coffee on her cafe terraces, sat along the seine, got drunk in her bars.

I love the Charlie Hebdo responses.

I love this ode to Paris cafes. (where the pic above was taken from)

I found this astrological point of view really interesting.

And maybe most of all, John Oliver:

avec amour,



One thought on “Paris, je t’aime

  1. Thanks, honey. I didn’t know how to react either. When a neighbor told me that 60 had been killed and she was outraged, I said, “What about Syria? half the country is destroyed and half the population is fleeing with their lives in a bundle and nowhere to go??” What about Afghanistan that we’ve bombed into oblivion ourselves??

    John Oliver made me laugh. I remembered that croquenbusch was my almost famous party dessert in days of yore.

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