this new moon and two songs (with video)

me and my blog are going through a bit of a transition.

it’s been an experiment from the start. i didn’t (and still don’t) have a clear topic that i want to discuss here. i haven’t arrived at any conclusions. i’m basically using this as a way to figure some shit out. (i’m clearly all over the fucking map, and i’m fine with that.)

today is the new moon in scorpio. the new moon is a time of darkness (when you can’t see the moon in the sky)… it’s a time for reflection, introspection, and new beginnings. it’s a good time to metaphorically plant the seeds of our wishes and desires.

these two songs reflect a bit of the world i’m swimming in right now. there may be some metaphorical seeds here. or not…

“Ide Were Were” is a chant for Oshun. (here is a lovely summary of what she’s all about.)

“No Church in the Wild” makes me want to dance my ass off. (the bass line killllls me).  i could analyze this line for hours: human beings in a mob, what’s a mob to a king, what’s a king to god, what’s a god to a non-believer who don’t believe in anything?  power structures, anarchy, revolution, desire… i happen to like all of those topics very much :]  the song is referencing Plato’s Symposium, in which Socrates shares the teachings of his teacher, Diotima, who happens to be a wise old woman witch!!  i never knew this piece before, and it gives a whole new layer of meaning and depth to that era of philosophy that i generally avoid.


if you feel like you could use some guidance or direction around the new moon today, these beautiful people have written some new moon affirmations based on your astrological sign. i found mine to be particularly on point.


sending new moon juiciness your way,



2 thoughts on “this new moon and two songs (with video)

  1. That second video scares me because I think the time for anarchy is getting closer and then it will be real bullets in the establishment guns. It doesn’t scare me for me exactly, but for all the people who aren’t seeing it coming.


    1. there already are real bullets in the establishment guns. we live in a police state. law enforcement is militarized. i think the awareness is present and people are beginning to demand changes.


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