sugar, spice, and everything nice

~~~~~ this is a collection of yummy things sitting on my desk right now, making me feel all kinds of happy. clockwise from the top: awesome shell, found on the beach of Carpinteria, given to me by a friend. (thanks P! <3) mojo bag collection of things i like – found in nature from various watery places (rivers, oceans) – on a piece of fabric i bought … Continue reading sugar, spice, and everything nice

Paris, je t’aime

~~~ Like so many around the world, I’ve felt shocked and saddened by the events that occurred in France last Friday. I honestly haven’t known what to do with it. (except avoid the topic all together and write about gardening. fucking random.) I feel such a connection to that place, and Paris especially. Even though I haven’t been there in 13 years… Paris will always … Continue reading Paris, je t’aime

7 Reasons Why Gardening Kicks Ass

I don’t talk about it much online, but gardening is what I do for a living. It seems like the thought of gardening conjures up precious images in most peoples heads. …cutting flowers… planting seeds… harvesting herbs in the sunshine like you’re Martha freaking Stewart. It’s pretty much never like that. In reality, it’s almost always strenuous, back-breaking labor. And I love every dirty minute of … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Gardening Kicks Ass

this new moon and two songs (with video)

me and my blog are going through a bit of a transition. it’s been an experiment from the start. i didn’t (and still don’t) have a clear topic that i want to discuss here. i haven’t arrived at any conclusions. i’m basically using this as a way to figure some shit out. (i’m clearly all over the fucking map, and i’m fine with that.) today … Continue reading this new moon and two songs (with video)