french expression friday

so. i’ve decided to create my first weekly theme.

i’m calling it French Expression Friday.  because alliteration.

i even made a little logo thingy to make it official:

french expression friday

to kick things off, here’s an awesome word, and a pretty useful expression for some of us:

j'ai la gueule du bois

i love this word gueule.  my french teacher in college taught us that the way to tell someone to shut up, a bit harshly, is; ‘ta gueule’.  (as apposed, i guess, to the more regular ways of saying shut up, like ‘tais-toi’ and ‘ferme-la’.)

he (and subsequently, we) would say it in a low, growly voice, feigning disgust.  ta gueullle.

what a cool teacher he was.

i wonder if the word ‘gueule’ is ever used in a pleasant or complimentary way?  poor animals :)~

happy friday,



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