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Nine Goddesses (from my artjournal archives)

Today marks the eighth day of Navatri – a huge, nine-day celebration that takes place in India and Nepal every year- dedicated to the Goddess Durga, in her many forms. I thought about doing my own nine-day goddess series on this blog when the festival started, but that didn’t happen.  So instead, I’m sharing nine goddess-inspired art… Continue reading Nine Goddesses (from my artjournal archives)

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a few art journal spreads

. . . . . these spreads are a few of my favorites, from the tiny journal i talked about a while back.  they might be more fun in person, because the textures are so yummy. i haven’t been art journaling lately. none of my old journals are speaking to me, and my big, beautiful (and mostly… Continue reading a few art journal spreads

French Expression Friday

french expression friday

so. i’ve decided to create my first weekly theme. i’m calling it French Expression Friday.  because alliteration. i even made a little logo thingy to make it official: to kick things off, here’s an awesome word, and a pretty useful expression for some of us: i love this word gueule.  my french teacher in college… Continue reading french expression friday

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art journal pages

                    created last year, as prompted by this gorgeous woman, in a class called “Faces of the Moon”. i loved the process. i love collage and mixed media. i love playing with color and painting with my bare fingers. i love noticing what shapes and images come through. i’m… Continue reading art journal pages