Nine Goddesses (from my artjournal archives)

Today marks the eighth day of Navatri – a huge, nine-day celebration that takes place in India and Nepal every year- dedicated to the Goddess Durga, in her many forms.

I thought about doing my own nine-day goddess series on this blog when the festival started, but that didn’t happen.  So instead, I’m sharing nine goddess-inspired art journal spreads with you, along with my two measly cents about what each one represents.

To start things off, in honor of Durga and the festival that inspired me, I give you..

Kali Ma


The fierce, the fabulous. The wild-eyed, long-tongued Kali. Thee Number One Badass for Waking-You-the-Fuck-Up.  She’s been known to cut off heads and lap up the blood (metaphorically speaking… sorta.)  She’s not fucking around.


Inanna / Ishtar


In some of the most ancient texts we have record of, Inanna was written about as the “Queen of Heaven”. She had it all – power, beauty, riches – and she chose to descend to the underworld to meet her sister Ereshkigal (Queen of earth and death).  At the seven gates of the underworld she was stripped of all of her jewels / possessions, and then she was hung from meat hooks. good times.  a very powerful story worth reading.




Aztec Mother Goddess… Coatlicue means “serpent skirt”.  She is the goddess of fire, earth, sex, death, creation, transformation.  She’s another fierce goddess, with a gentler touch than Kali. She is there to usher you through the darkness (the end/beginning of a cycle, grief, loss, transition)… with presence, surrender, acceptance.  I visited her statue in Mexico City.  It brought me to tears.


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french expression friday

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art journal pages

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