a letter from my heart

dear apricot,

the time for you to know has come and gone.  you must learn to love the not-knowing once again.

wrap yourself in the purple blanket of bewilderment.  close your eyes and feel its fuzz.

listen for secrets. let the warm herbs whisper to your nose hairs and your lips. take maximum delight in them.

stop thinking so much. all fruit cannot be a johnny-seed or an acid-squirt or a wobble-about.

be the blade of grass bending in the wind.

you look like a honeycomb.
you wreak of elderberry and wax.

this life is just a life.  go easy.  take it slow.  there is no need to hurry, remember?  see how far you’ve come.  read your purge-pages again and understand the distances you’ve traveled.  the essence of jasmine is your nature.  there is nothing separate and outside.  all landscapes are within you.  the bumblees buzz and petal-fulls bloom.  storms come along so that everything can rest.

rest now.

trust that the time for action will return, and you will be ripe.

you will be like the best-boy-that-ever-was, herding in the waves. you will pant with exhaustion when it’s done.

for now, forget about the vast-waters laying possibility on the horizon.  return to those inside of you instead.

you taste like salt and brine.
seaweed is your hair.
i hear the wales singing, beckoning your return.
you are loved, you are loved, you are love.


your heart


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