pendant que je dormais… (while i was sleeping – franglais for real)

j’ai découvri que la nuit avant une poste passé (l’une autre en française), mon petit-ami regardais un film français.

un film français!

je dormais.

morte au monde.  (HA that is so bad.  i know there’s a similar expression in French… sleeping so deeply that you are “dead to the world”…. je dormais comme des morts?)

en tout façon, je n’ai aucune idée qu’il regardais ce film.

mais, le jour prochain, j’ai eu envie d’écriver en français – tout a coup!  apparemment de nulle part!

cela m’intéresse beaucoup.

est-ce que l’esprit subconsient peut-être capable d’apprendre pendant que dormir?

oh good grief this is ridiculous.  if you happen to be reading this and are a french speaker, please feel free to correct me in the comments.

here’s what i’m trying to tell you:

i found out that the night before i wrote this post in french, my partner was watching a french film in bed while i slept.  i had no idea that this was going on (i sleep like a brick).  it only happened to come up in conversation the other day.

he found it funny that he watched this film (without sub-titles), and remained amused through the entire thing, making up stories in his mind as he watched.

i find it funny that the very next morning i awoke with this curious desire to practice my french, and it suddenly felt more accessible in my memory somehow.

did the film seep in to my subconscious brain and unlock some forgotten knowledge?  i wonder.

(there actually may be something to this.)

i also wonder this: did we accidentally stumble onto something brilliant??

watching foreign films is work.  sub-titles are small and often times in the same blasted color as the background, and it’s just not relaxing to watch, if you’re, say, in bed trying to wind down. to make matters worse, if it’s a french film, i’m usually trying to ignore the sub-titles all together to see if i get what’s happening. and then i wind up missing something really important and have no clue what the fuck is going on.

however, by him watching films sans sous-titres while i’m sleeping, he gets to imagine stories, and i get to remember my french via the magic of unconscious dream-time land!


man i wish i could say all of that in french.

j’espère que je disais tous ça en français.

(je pense en englais. c’est claire. je vais continuer l’essayer quand même.)




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