mysterious & magical

so, you know how i said i might not turn my recently re-covered journal into an Art Journal?

i was SO Terrifically WRONG!

i’ve been having so much fun with this journal ever since i transformed the cover!  uncanny.  it’s like beautify-ing the outside unleashed alllll my need for opening and exploring what awaited inside.

i’m ridiculously giddy about this.  it’s weird.  and also, fucking sweet!

so i’m going to share this spread with you.  it happened today.  there’s nothing artistically remarkable about it.  but there is something about it, to me.  it’s mysterious and magical… for reasons i can only partially explain.

my journal entries on these and the surrounding pages were about dreams (actual, night-time dreams) that i was having over a period of a few days.  this spread has that surreal, other-worldly, dream-like quality to me.

chalk-full of personal symbolism.

art journaling is like creating your own spontaneous, playful tarot!

i really fucking love this practice, obviously.

have you started yours yet?




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