the cover matters (more art journal play)

Ola Sweetumsies!

i’ve just had a little art journal break through, and i had to share it with you!

i finished my previous art journal a little while ago (pictured in this post), and i’ve been aching to move on to the next.  i knew which one (from my ridiculously huge collection) was crying out for some love, i just COULD NOT get excited about digging in to the process.

this particular journal was given to me by one of my cohort friends in grad school, and it’s filled with notes and brainstorming around my thesis project.  when i read through it i was like, Who Wrote This!?!  hahaha…. but seriously.  do you ever read things from your past that literally smack you over the head with lessons that you REALLY NEED TO HEAR RIGHT NOW!?  yep, that’s what happened.  i pretty much don’t remember having written a single thing i wrote in this journal, but GOOD GRIEF how i need to be reading it now!  (i guess that’s why we journal in the first place, huh.)

the problem was that the cover of this journal really REALLY bothered me.  everything about it just annoyed the living crap out of my aesthetic sensibilities.  and it didn’t make any sense… it was blue (i LOVE blue!), and it was covered with eggs (eggs! plenty of juicy symbolic meaning there!).  what’s not to like!?!  i spent some days trying to convince myself that i should like it, and to just get on with it already, but i couldn’t.  i could barely look at the damn thing, let alone muster up the excitement to pick it up and begin working with it.

so i decided to ART UP THE COVER!  Yes.

i didn’t take any before shots, because i’m horrible at stuff like that, but here’s what it looks like now:

art journal cover art journal cover 2art journal back

i used lovely paper scraps given to me by my mama many years ago, and i created a little braid with some hemp string.  the rest was just playing with glue!  easy peasy.

it makes me so happy, i was literally clapping and giggling the whole time i was working on it.

i’m not even sure that i will go in and art up the pages.  i don’t even know that i care!  maybe for this journal, the cover was all that needed to be transformed.

i hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are!




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