Art Journaling

Hello again loves!

Today I’m going to talk about something that has become very near and dear to my heart, and pretty much crucial for my all-around happiness:  ART JOURNALING.

It is. THE BEST.

my latest art journal. it's small - just perfect for road trips!
my latest art journal. it’s small – perfect for road trips!

I am not a fabulous visual artist BY ANY MEANS.  I really enjoy visual art things… i like to paint, collage, and doodle, hell I’ll even bust out a sketch once in a while, but I don’t have madd skills at it. Like at all. And that’s why art journaling is so great – cuz it doesn’t matter!  Art journaling (much like regular journaling) is about the EXPERIENCE, rather than the result.

Here’s what you do:

Take an old journal (if you’re like me, it’s full of mental/emotional purging that you probably don’t want anyone to read anyway.  like, EVER.)

Read through an entry or two.  Remember what it was like to be the person that wrote those things.

Now, let what you’ve read dictate the art you’ll make!

Does it give the urge to smear the whole thing over in black gesso?  (OH i have been there.)

Does it make you feel like drawing hearts and painting in pretty pink?  (yep. been there too.)

Maybe it makes you feel silly, so you decide to collage over the whole damn thing with random images that make you laugh!

The point is, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

If something feels poignant, let it be seen, or re-write the savory bits and insert them in a way that feels good and beautiful.

Bottom line, take the old ideas, thoughts, and emotions, and transform them into something NEW!  I’m telling you it feels pretty damn good.

Some tips:

I recommend only reading through an entry or two at a time (depending on how long they are) before beginning the art making.  (ie – don’t get bogged down too heavily in memory lane. remember as you art and go.)

It’s also good to glue two pages together, so that the pages are thicker and can stand up better to paint, glue, etc.

If you’re new to the art journal thing and feel you could use a bit more guidance, I recommend my dear friend Jenafer Joy. She creates wonderful online “Story Walking” courses (i’ve taken many of them) as well as other painting classes. They don’t follow the process that I describe above, but they will get you arting and exploring your story in different fun and juicy visual ways.

Anyway, feel free to hit me up with questions.

Happy art journaling, and much love,



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