things i love

Hello, and welcome to my wee corner of the universe.

River Shakti is the name I use for creating and sharing things that i love, and that’s exactly what I plan to do here – Nothin but PURE JUICY LOVE darling.  yes.

So to start things off, I’m just going to dive in and offer up a spontaneous list of things that i am MADLY in LOVE with, and why:

RIVERS. they have many glorious faces, but the one i really love is the Mountain River. the River that makes its way through the Forest, over rocks and boulders, sometimes flowing rapidly, sometimes offering up its gentle song, and then collecting in calm and lovely pools. i love this River for exposing roots of trees, for making rocks smooth and shiny, for burbling and being so playful. it’s the one that invites me to climb in and be one with the flow. 

which brings me to the next thing that i love…

BOULDERING in the River. sometimes on all fours, just like an animal. makes me feel so FIERCE and PRIMAL and ALIVE. yes. wanna know what else makes me feel alive?

DANCING.  my first and deepest love. i may have been groovin in the womb (thanks for rockin the motown jams, mama!) it’s the thing i return to again and again to EXPRESS myself, and to FEEL connected with my purest truest happiest parts. THERAPY. that’s what it is. another wonderful and exquisite form of therapy and expression is…

PLAYING MUSIC OH my goodness. i had no idea how totally AMAZING-like-nothing-else it is to write and make music with other people. (i stumbled into this just six years ago, thanks to many beautiful people and circumstances – and it became priority number one immediately. )  sound, harmony, rhythm, resonance, vibration… it all circles back to…

NATURE. I love love LOVE being outside. the peace, the stillness, the variety of SOUNDS, the utter crazy mad LIFE when you really get down and notice it. it HUMS. so amazing.  to this category i would add sub-loves, such as SKY GAZING (clouds! stars! storms! lightening! holy shit it’s endless!) TREE CLIMBING (okay i’m pretty wimpy at it, but i do so love getting up there, feeling connected to its strength, putting my trust in her branches, and so on.) and also, loads of outdoor activities… snowboarding, kayaking, camping, hiking, biking, and plain old BASKING. sheesh, it really is endless. yep. i heart nature. and i’m not nearly as connected to it as some, which brings me to the next thing:  

PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN CONNECTION WITH NATURE i mean, really.  as much of a nature girl as i am, i still live in a massively populated area and buy my food at a market.  there are people in the world who eat only what they gather themselves. they make massive bridges – out of tree roots – to cross enormous and ever-changing rivers. watch “Human Planet” (it’s a BBC series).  it’s a beautiful show. i love these people. which is also why i love…

ANTHROPOLOGY  “cos there’s a million ways to be, you know that there are…”  (thanks, Cat Stevens <3).  i love studying culture, and learning about the many many ways in which people live, celebrate, mourn, survive, explain, and EXPERIENCE this world. it’s absolutely fascinating. speaking of fascinating, there is one thing that will captivate and mystify me until the day i die, and that is…

THE OCEAN. some cultures call her the Mother. and how can it be any other way? it is where we come from. she gives us solace. she makes our troubles and our worries feel small, manageable, SILLY even. she makes us not just sorta think, but KNOW that “every little thing is gonna be alright” (thanks Bob Marley <3).

i’ll tell you a personal story. i recently came home from a three week tour with my band, and i was feeling very depressed. (it is often the case when i return home from tour. because tour is so fucking amazing, you wonder why can’t ALL of life be this way!? but it isn’t.) so anyway, my gorgeous partner/band mate and i went to the ocean. one of our very favorite spots just south of San Francisco. as we hiked down to the beach my feet began to scream “get me out of these fucking SHOES!!”, as they always do. and, as always, the moment the shoes come off and my feet hit the sand, it’s on. i run madly to the ocean with arms outstretched yelling “OHSHEEEEAAAAAN!” over and over, just like a little kid, i can’t help myself. which makes me giggle at my own goofiness, and feel so TOTALLY FULL OF LOVE that all of my shit starts to fade right away. but the best part – the BEST PART – is standing at her feet, waiting for the waves to wash up over mine. that is when the real healing begins. and then the laughing, and the playing, and running about doing cartwheels and getting drenched up to your waist on accident – so cold! and SO WONDERFUL. you leave feeling totally renewed.  every time.

well loves, i guess that’s all for now.

i’m so glad you’re here.


there i am, basking on a rock in the river in Sedona.
there i am, basking on a rock in a river in arizona.

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