moments of clarity in the foot tub

I was soaking my feet this morning, as I often times do, and I had A MOMENT OF GREAT CLARITY. (i’m using my best deep & billowing announcement voice here.) Then it occurred to me that many moments of clarity do in fact come to me while soaking my feet! And now that I really think about it – this ritual is so yummy, reliable, and profound for me that … Continue reading moments of clarity in the foot tub

un petit truc (en français)

au jour d’hui j’ai envie d’écriver en français. merde. c’est bizarre il serait que je le pouvais si bien. (j’étais si certain que je ne l’oubliais jamais.) le temps se passe trop vite. mais, bon. ça retourne. je le souviendrias.  (testing myself avec çela) peu à fucking extrêmement peu ça y est. je souviens je me rapelle je retourne, je retourne Je retourne. merde. ça fait du longtemps Continue reading un petit truc (en français)

mysterious & magical

so, you know how i said i might not turn my recently re-covered journal into an Art Journal? i was SO Terrifically WRONG! i’ve been having so much fun with this journal ever since i transformed the cover!  uncanny.  it’s like beautify-ing the outside unleashed alllll my need for opening and exploring what awaited inside. i’m ridiculously giddy about this.  it’s weird.  and also, fucking sweet! so i’m … Continue reading mysterious & magical

the cover matters (more art journal play)

Ola Sweetumsies! i’ve just had a little art journal break through, and i had to share it with you! i finished my previous art journal a little while ago (pictured in this post), and i’ve been aching to move on to the next.  i knew which one (from my ridiculously huge collection) was crying out for some love, i just COULD NOT get excited about digging in to the process. this particular journal … Continue reading the cover matters (more art journal play)